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Chris Cornell and the Black Dog

I know! it's a terribly risky subject and I promise to tread gently, respectfully and positively. I can't really say that I was a Chris Cornell fan prior to his death, my husband, who has a far greater wealth of knowledge and plethora of favourite artists than myself, always tried to steer me towards his music but I never really got around to listening until the morning of the day he passed. It was strange that I would have a conversation about him and his music that morning, vowing to my husband that if he came back to Australia we would go and see him, sadly the fate learned that very same night meant I would never be truly privileged to hear what I have now come to learn, one of the finest male vocalists on the planet.

I know as much as you when it comes to his death and so therefor, I do not wish to talk about his death but what we all believe lead to it, after watching a lot of US television shows and listening to the warnings they include on their advertisements for medication, I cannot say I would be surprised if this had something to do with the tragic end to this beautiful life. RIP Chris Cornell, you were a true talent.

Some would ask what I know about the "black dog" or depression, and why would I attempt writing about it, well, I'm a pretty closed book when it comes to my childhood and pre adult life and I only choose to share it when I think it will help someone, that said, it's a truth to be left for another day, but I can tell you that for a short while, on and off in my early life I have, like so many others, had a fair experience with those feelings of depression.

Depression is a disorder, and I think disorder explains it quite well, because at the time of experiencing it, there certainly doesn't feel like there is any order going on inside of your head! but the reason I want to shed a little light on this topic is because I think it's all too common a thing and left untreated it can really take you down some of the darkest paths. I know it's easy to say go and get help, it's easy to just say "I don't want to feel like this anymore" and then change, but really it can be a struggle for anyone, it's different for everyone, I can't tell you how you should feel anymore than you can tell me, how you feel is how you feel, so please, if you feel like this, don't let others dictate how you think you should feel.

I have been very blessed to have worked on my life, mind, healing and finding happiness, and I say worked on because that's what it took, and I still work on it, every single day I work on being the happiest, most positive, influential person I can be because happiness is the best feeling.

Only short from me on this topic but I just want to say, if you are feeling sad, really low, negative, agitated and you think it could be linked to depression, then you're not alone and please don't devalue your self worth, take the first step to begin building a path, and a life that you love.

I wish you all the best, love, happiness and light



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