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My first ever blog - Harder than I thought!

"I'm new to this so please handle with care"

I'm not much of a writer, not because I can't do it but because I just prefer to listen, so when I decided that I wanted to connect and chat with you guys more often, I knew blogging was gonna be the best way to do it! I promise to keep them as interesting as possible, but more so, I promise to keep them real, true to me and hopefully insightful.

It took me about 3 days to write this first blog! I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to write, not for just this first one, but what will I continue to write about? I love to chat about a variety of different things, career, music, food, events, but more than that, I love to study, I love to research things and I love to work on making myself a better person, pushing myself, which I believe is a journey that should be explored by everyone.

So basically, I will just write, of course a lot of it will be related to music, but not all! I look forward to sharing the journey of building my career with you, I look forward to chatting with you about my overseas trips, funny things that seem to happen to me in everyday life, and really, I just look forward to being able to chat with you all as friends, someone to finally listen to me lol.

Right now however, if you're only just getting to know me, then I would love to share my latest work with you! I have just finished a brand new film clip for my new single PUSH. When I was a little girl, like most, I loved the movie Dirty Dancing! I would watch it everyday after school and I told my mum "one day I will dance like that" she always thought and still does think that I can do anything (a bit overwhelming really lol) but I did! I learnt to dance and spent a number of years perfecting my ability in the art of Latin dancing, so I decided to use that in this new film clip, only I forgot I'm about 10 years older, a few kilo's heavier, a crap load slower and have recently found a new love of food! so these things made it a hugely difficult task to take on. I took it upon myself to push out of my safety net, out of the jeans and boots I love, put my guitar down and have a bit of fun creating a new clip for you guys. So yes, this is far harder than it looks, took a lot of energy and preparation and i'm pretty proud of the result! check it out! and until next time ... Live, Life, Love

- Kj

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