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If you're not moving forward then you're moving backward!

We never stop learning! Something I've either forgotten or just not cared about until it started causing a real problem for me, I became almost a shell of what I once was, confident, goal orientated, motivated and ready to succeed. 

This industry, I imagine like all, can be tough, mean, heartbreaking and hurtful and there are  only so many times you can pick yourself up ready for another door to be closed in your face. In saying this, the industry is full of amazing people. I've been thinking though.. how can I change the way I feel? It has to be me, I have to change, change my perspective, change my thought process, turn every negative into a positive, find possibilities and learn with every knock back, learn the lesson, either be persistent and move forward or stop and move backwards... that was my choice, the choice that was never a choice for me, I was never ever stopping and moving backwards, it has never been an option. 

Everyday I spend time on myself, teaching myself to open up and find the passion I always had for music, find what I love, share with you what I do, not what I think you want to hear, not the latest trend, following that path for me kills my creativity, puts me in a box and starts to suck the life out of me. Are you country? Are you rock? You don't sound country, you do sound country.. I love country music, I grew up listening to many styles and I love country, at the end of the day ... I write what I write, I think it's for the person listening to decide, I'll write it and sing it and you choose if it means something to you, I hope it does, I hope my music touches someone and makes a difference. 

Nashville, I came here to write, but instead I have spent most of my time soul searching, learning and meeting amazing people, still writing but mainly searching for me and my passion, this is certainly the city to do it in. Today I had a vocal lesson with a hugely successful vocal coach, one I have great respect for and whose teaching aligns with not only my technical way of teaching but my beliefs as a person, although I am a teacher  myself, I respect and welcome the fact that we never stop learning, we need to push ourselves and we can't always do that alone, take the help but even more, learn to realize when you need it!

I look forward to continuing to work on me and I can't wait for you to hear music that I have written, lyrics and melodies that tell a story, they are me and not me trying to be a different me.

Live, life, love


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