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Choose to be the best version of you!

This is a heartfelt, open and sincere post that has come about from everyday life experience. Something that I've had many conversations about with many different people throughout my life, it's just an observation but it's definitely something I encourage everyone at some point to think about, and occasionally assess where you're at, ask yourself.. are you being the best version of you?

Some of us can, at times forget that we as humans have choice, the freedom to choose, we can choose the way we act or react, what type of person we want to be, how we treat people, how we love, who we love and overall what kind of impact we want to have on the world and the people we come in contact with.

Sometimes I think we become victims of circumstance, plagued by negativity that derives from learned behavior, repetition that spirals out of control until the lines are so blurred that sometimes, more often for some, we can't see the line between being a good person and perhaps a not so good person. We become negative and completely incapable of seeing the joys that the journey of life can offer.

The past whether it be yesterday or 10 years ago, can sometimes have such a profound impact on us that we can forget about moving forward and we often don't realize we are changing as a person, and this, I feel is one of the most unhealthy, unhappy places to stay as the past cannot be changed, altered or relived no matter what we do or how we act. I implore you, choose to live happily, don't become so toxic in your negativity that you lose sight of living and enjoying your life, don't be the type of person that no one wants to be associated with, be the bigger person, rise above the negative cycle because in the end your choice will determine your future and if you choose wrong then you are the one to pay, you are the only unhappy one. You want to look back on life and think, yes, I really loved my life, I strived for my goals, I raised my family well, I lived my life the best way I could!


There have been times, and still are times that I can feel myself being negative, choosing negativity, feel myself dwelling on one thing or another, but I am consistently, everyday working on positivity, I have really learned and continue to learn how to live a fulfilled life, I'm so excited about what the future holds, I'm so blessed to have an amazing husband and family and I am so thankful that I choose positivity because I've seen what it looks like to be a negative, empty shell of a person and how that can impact the closest people to you, it has an affect on your spouse, children, work colleagues and basically anyone you come in contact with.

I say "everyday choose positive" and I know that there is certainly room for potential backlash, so I just wanted to say, in closing, that what I mean by choose positive, is just, where you can, really work hard at seeing an alternative, sometimes it may not be there at that time, I know it's not easy to be positive, certainly not all of the time, and I'm not even saying that you should be, the purpose of this blog is just to say, when you can and where you can, assess how you are doing as a human and really work hard at being the best version of you.

Love to you all

Live, life, love 


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