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Social Media - My 12 yr old Student taught me Snapchat!

When your 12 year old student has to run you through how to use the Snapchat app, it really puts into perspective the generation we are raising! I'm not here to debate that however, rather, the need for me in my chosen profession to be able to use these types of social media.

Family holiday! plus!

How relevant is Social Media? the answer for me is ... well.. hugely relevant! it really does take up quite a large portion of our lives. I have recently just developed a Social Media Calendar, between Facebook posts, Twitter updates, Instagram posts, YouTube content, Snapchat, sending out Newsletters and weekly Blogs, I needed a calendar to keep me on task. This picture to the left was me on a family holiday.. needless to say I wasn't very popular for turning on the laptop! the work never stops! but if you have a dream then you just chase it! Life doesn't wait for anyone, which is why I am working so hard to include you guys, I want you to get to know me, I want to produce music that will hopefully have an impact on your life, but beyond that, I want to include you in my journey.

Do we need this much Social Media? I've only just joined Snapchat, some of yo

u may have seen my recent post as maybe being too old to work it out! but don't fear, my year 7 student was completely armed with all of the information I needed and even gave me a quick rundown on the app, seems it's not as hard as I thought and I can see why it's quickly becoming the most popular form of Social Media, but I know in my job, I need it, it's the way I communicate with you guys, I don't have a record company doing it for me, I don't have a manager or anyone else doing it for me.. it's just me sitting behind my computer desk tapping out everyday!

I often think, I will just have one weekend where I don't post anything, one weekend technology free, well, that happened this weekend, not because I chose to, but because I was stuck in bed ... sick... the WHOLE weekend! so I barely posted anything to any form of social media, and, well not really to my surprise, coming back after that break, it would seem the algorithms are made so that if you aren't posting on a regular basis, your content is shown to a limited audience. Yep they know how to get ya! too freakin bad you're sick, the social media world doesn't stop turning for anyone. I can now see why this is a an actual profession!

I do enjoy the social media aspect of my career, it allows me to reach you guys on a personal level, which is so completely different to how the music industry once was. We now have a platform to reach you guys whenever we want, even 10 years ago

no way would I have thought this was ever going to be possible! Thank you guys for following my journey. I have put links to my Social Media below and I have also added a little video for you guys to watch.

Please feel free to leave comments, let me know if there is something you would love for me to write about or just pop by and say hi!

Live, Life, Love Kj



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