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The 2017 CMC Awards - We almost didn't make it! 😲

2017 CMC Awards

Well what an amazing whirlwind of a trip to the beautiful Gold Coast to be a part of the celebrations for the 2017 CMC Awards. The fun started as soon as we landed at the airport in Newcastle, catching up with the very fiery Kirsty Lee Akers, we quickly worked out we were on the same flight. As Luke and I had booked a 4 door car, we offered Kirsty a lift, saving her having someone pick her up from the airport as we were both headed to the same hotel. That night the Meriton Broadbeach had a lot of Country Music artists staying in their company. Anyway! in true form to the way my life seems to play out, the trip was not uneventful, after Kirsty not hearing her name called over the PA, Luke runs over to Kirsty and says "I think they said your name" she said "what last name did they say?" he replied "I don't know... I just heard Kirsty" (I thought they probably meant me, i'm used to being called Kirsty now 😝) so she races over and sure enough, her seat has been changed to distribute the weight of the plane a correctly (because i'm sure she makes a huge difference LOL).

So we meet up after the flight, wait for our bags and then call the shuttle bus to take us to the hire car place. The shuttle bus driver throws in the luggage and off he goes! speeding down the freeway like he partaking in the 2017 Grand Prix, out of nowhere a car dared to pull out in front.. I don't think so!!!! so he put his foot down faster and simultaneously had the skill to slam his palm down on the horn, not his hand, his PALM, I think this gives it a little more emphasis on the horn, oh yes he sure showed that little Suzuki swift, in the mean time Kirsty is looking at me as if I may have planned to have our shuttle kill us, she then quietly says "this guy is in a hurry, we might not get there" scared for our lives we pull in and he says, "get your bags and your car" ummm ok .. thank you for the amazing service, in the meantime I have had a chance to contemplate life and what I may do with it if I make it out of the shuttle van.

We "get our bags" and I go and see the lady at the front desk, who is completely annoyed that I have rented the car through a third party company and not direct, therefor her answer to each question was simply "you'll have to ask the company you hired from" to which my reply is "where are they" "England" she responded, I looked over at Kirsty and Luke who are now examining the tiny 2 DOOR car we have been given, I looked down and mumbled "are you right in the back Kirsty?" even though I've known her for the better part of 20 years, I still put my head down in shame lol.

So off we went, finally on our way, only to be stopped by a day time RBT, so we participated and waited a little while longer before we could finally be on our way. So off we travel on our merry little way, we arrive at the hotel where Kirsty is, I am sure, happy to see the back of me, she goes off with her husband and I go to check in. WELL .. of COURSE they didn't have a record of "Kristy Davis" (my actual married name) so I passed over my phone at the request of the Meriton, they could see my booking there, search the system, nothing! 10 minutes later Kirsty walks past and sees me still waiting, I just explained that this is another normal day in my life LOL. Finally the manager makes the calls he needs to and locates the booking, he then looks up and says "oh" .. I say "oh? what is oh" it seems your room is not ready yet, mind you it's 5pm, I just look at him and he says "well I guess you get an upgrade" please see pics below of my new room on level 22 instead of level 6 👏🏼

After all of that, I just want to say that I really enjoyed the Country Music Channel 2017 Awards, I did manage to get there in there end. Some people (mainly my mum) have asked me why I went if I wasn't nominated? apart from a very amazing atmosphere, I completely believe in supporting the industry and other artists, I will continue to show my support in the industry I am building my career in. I want to say a huge thank you to Tim Daley and the CMC team for allowing other artists to be involved and to walk the Red Carpet in support of the Awards, it was a wonderful experience and certainly makes me want to continue to push myself each new release and each new clip. I have put together a video of the CMC Awards night, hope you guys like it because it took me a long time to do! haha. If you have liked my blog then I would love you to share ❤️

Until next week, live, life, love


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